USR/T.M. Promotions Presents:
"A Weird Die Young Toga Party "
-w/ toga-(guys)$10(girls)$5 
 w/o toga-(guys)$15(girls)$10        
Doors @ 8pm ADULTS ONLY 18+ 
 SIMONS 677 Providence, RI
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Weird Die Young 'Back2BaseHits' (2014)
Outland Camp
'Bohemian Grove Sampler' (2013)
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Brutal Vision presents 
DJ Nicholas Doyle
OutLand Camp 
Free Souls
August 31st
@ The C-Note,Hull MA
159 Nantasket Ave
Lil Mattress/ Raiza Rapz 
CD Release Party 
w/ sp. guests OUTLAND CAMP
August 22nd
@ Acoustic Cafe 
Bridgeport CT
​2926 FairFeild Ave